May. 23rd, 2016

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Hey, folks!

So life is a kind of hectic mess right now, and I've fallen off the blogging bandwagon (as seems to be happening a lot lately), but there's something going on that I'm really excited about that I could use all y'all's help with.

I've gotten the official permits and jumped through all the hoops, and I'm going to be running another charity raffle at Arisia 2017 - this time, to raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association in memory and honor of Sir Terry Pratchett.

Last time we ran a charity raffle at Arisia we raised over $4000. I want to beat that this year. And if I want to do that, I'm going to need some boss prizes.

So - any of you folks who make stuff, want to donate a thing you've made? Writers, want to donate an autographed book? Jewelers, crafters, sewing mavens, you name it - I need your stuff! People with contacts in any fan-related area, want to put in a good word for me with your friends and ask them to donate? Every penny we raise goes to charity, every donation is tax-deductible, and will earn you my immense praise and gratitude and a spot on the 'I Donated' Whiteboard of Awesome at the con!

I know it's a bit of a ways out, but the earlier I can get to work on this the better the raffle will be....


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