May. 26th, 2016

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I'm mostly writing this up for my own reference, but for those of you playing along at home? Still sick.

It's been... going on 3 months now, more or less. Still throwing up almost every day. Mostly at night, but sometimes during the day too. I'll have gaps of sometimes up to 2-3 days where I'm symptom-free, but it always comes back. Some days it's mild, some days I'll spend an hour or two sicking up everything I eat.

No correlation to what I eat, though some foods (ice cream, chocolate) are guaranteed to trigger it.

At this point, my doctor has declared that, since all of my tests came back normal, this is probably just due to "anxiety" and has told me that I need therapy. Telling him that I'm not anxious and have been seeing a therapist for over half a decade has just been shrugged off.

Tests I've had done:
-endoscopy and biopsies, celiac test, cortisol levels, protein electrophoresis, basic CBC/Chem (x 3), ultrasound, abdominal CT (with and without contrast), head CT, abdominal MRI (with and without contrast), thyroid function tests, Vitamin D levels, gastric emptying study

Treatments I've tried:
-prochlorperazine, amitryptilline, propanolol, ondansetron, at least one other I can't think of.

Treatments I've declined:
-reglan (that shit is scary, yo)

I have an appointment set up with an acupuncturist, and the names of two other specialists that my gastroenterologist is willing to refer me to (I think he's just happy to get rid of me, since I refuse to test positive for anything or just roll over and accept a diagnosis of 'puking because I'm sad and scared'). Meanwhile... I guess I'm learning to live with this.

It could be worse, I guess.


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