Jun. 16th, 2016

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In other news, I finally feel like I'm making progress in silks again.

I've been at the same class level for a while now - this isn't unexpected; if nothing else, my school only has 5 levels and each class session is only 8 weeks. The further up you move, the longer you stay at that level as you work on gaining finesse and strength and mastering more complicated moves. But for the past couple of sessions I've felt more frustrated than enthusiastic, and it was starting to spoil my fun.

Part of it was being sick - missing at least a couple of weeks each session because I was too weak or dizzy or nauseated, and having to take it easy on the weeks that I did make it in. Part of it was having too many people in class, and sharing a class with students who were either close friends with the teacher or were just far more willing to grab and hold the instructor's attention than I was - I admit that, in a group setting, I have a strong tendency to yield attention and spotlight at the first hint that anyone else wants it, and it's difficult to the point of painful to ask for my share of time and attention. And part of it was just feeling like I wasn't getting any better.

But for the past two weeks I've been physically better than I have for months, and it shows. And we've gone from 5 students (and me getting shunted to the shortest silk on the lowest point so I was just physically incapable of attempting half of the wraps) to two students. And it's clear that my teacher wasn't utterly oblivious, because she's spent the past two weeks clearly and deliberately asking me what I want to work on, drilling me on those things until I feel like I understand them and have them in my muscle memory, and giving me detailed feedback and support.

This is the school I love and remember, and this is the hobby I adore. I'm learning again, moving forward again, and while I may never actually master this crazy art form, at least I feel like I'm not wasting time and energy and money anymore....

(Also, new userpic. Only 10 months after chopping off all the hair...)


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