Jul. 2nd, 2016

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The problem with falling out of the habit of journaling is that it's doubly hard to pick back up because so much has happened that I feel a bit embarrassed and lost about where to jump back in. And yet, I like writing in more than sound bites, so here I still am.

Health-wise, things are going well. 3 acupuncture sessions in, off all meds, and still smooth sailing. I was reading a book on medicine in the 1840's, and it was a fascinating and timely reminder about how much as doctors we don't understand at any given point in time and practice. Not knowing how a treatment works doesn't make it not work. I'm sure my MD would put my improvement down to placebo effect; I honestly don't care.

I've been accepted into the hospice certification program - I just got the link to start the first online CE module yesterday. I'm giving myself the weekend as downtime, but then next week I get to tuck in and start learning.

[livejournal.com profile] umbran started a new job this week, thank goodness. Just another 6 month contract, but it means we're at least going to be able to keep our heads above water through the end of the year.

Our garden is finally thriving, since we fenced the beds to keep our yard bunny out. The grapes in particular are scarily vigorous; I'll have to learn how to make jam in a month or so.

On the outside, life is good. On the inside, I'm dealing with one of the worst PTSD flare-ups I've had in a long, long time - over shopping for work clothes, of all the stupid things. The upside of all the work I've done over the past few years is that at least I can recognize it for what it is, even if I can't then stop it, and I know that I can ride it out.

And in the meantime, I have my practice, and silks classes, and crafts to play with and books to read and friends to see and scavenger hunts to prepare for and games to play, and a trip to DC to plan for this fall, and bread pudding to bake, and life to live....


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