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So. Ghostbusters 2016. It's a thing. A kerfluffle, maybe even. It's also, in every possible way, pretty darn amazing.

Is it the best movie ever made? Nah, it'll take a lot to reach that bar. Was it perfect? No; it still has room to grow. But neither was the original Ghostbusters, and I still love the hell out of that one. And the existence of this version doesn't erase that one; nor does it ruin it or spoil it or do much of anything to it except complicate Google searches for it.

What it *does* do, though is finally fix the situation of not ever seeing a character or characters I can identify with in movies. I have lost count of the number of times I've come out of a theater after watching an otherwise-awesome movie with [ profile] umbran, wondering aloud why they couldn't have made ONE of the background/second-tier scientist characters female. This? This was an entire movie of smart girls being smart at each other. Eating pizza and goofing and being excited about learning things and showing off their niches without kicking other people for their lack of expertise in that area and not once bringing up 'when are you going to have kids?' or training a man who will ultimately do their job for them.

And it's funny, and it's cool, and it's GOOD. It's good enough that I kind of want to go see it again.

Oh - and to everyone who's Just Seriously Concerned About Remakes, and wants to know why it couldn't just be a sequel? Because having it be a sequel would erase most of that legitimacy. In this story, the women are self-made. They learn and discover and invent and become entrepreneurs on their own merit. In a sequel, they wouldn't *earn* their positions - their roles as ghostbusters, and their legitimacy, would be handed to them my guys who did it first, no matter how smart or talented they were. This story - where they blaze trails and succeed on their own merits - is a better story right now.

These are the characters I've been wanting since I started watching movies. I can only hope there are more to come....
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