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So I've been going through some rough stuff lately, and it's been taking a while to get better. Which is a nice way of saying.... it really hasn't been getting better. And so I woke up today pretty much the same way I have for the past almost-month - nauseated, nightmare-shaken, and sincerely wishing I could just cease existing instead of facing the day. But I had a house call to get to, so up and out with me.

And then I got to the house - this was a follow-up on one of my chronic cases. And the kid who opened the door greeted me with a huge smile and 'HI DOCTOR BECKY!' (said kid wants to be a vet, and gets very excited when I let them try on my stethoscope and help with exams). And the dog trotted up to me wagging its tail. And the other kid insisted on showing me his new Star Wars bag that looks JUST LIKE my doctor bag, and the family insisted on sending me home with a handful of homemade chocolate chip cookies that they were prepping for the brunch they were hosting in a few hours, and I remembered for a little while why I do this thing that I do.

Whatever else good or bad I can say about my life, or the world... I am unbearably, unbelievably lucky in the work I have fallen into.
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