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Dec. 31st, 2016 07:16 pm
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This was the year that I finally had to invoke legal action to stop my father from contacting me. It was the year I cut off all contact with that half of my family.

This was the year that three of my friends died in one week.

This was the year that I spent four months throwing up everything I ate, and being told by doctors that it was all in my head.

This was the year that I watched in horror and disbelief as my country crashed and burned.

This was the year that I learned just how extensive and disgusting the abuse I was subjected to as a child was.

This was the year that my business took off and became not just self-supporting but me-supporting. By next year, if I wanted to, I could quit relief work completely.

This was the year that I was accepted into a program that will culminate in me becoming one of the world's first certified professionals in my field.

This was the year that I learned how to put my own well-being ahead of that of my abuser.

This was the year that I stopped being afraid of cameras.

This was the year that I let myself be open to friendships, and found so many amazing people because of it.

I have no words for how mixed my feelings are about 2016. I have no idea of what 2017 will bring. I am a sea of confusion and emotions right now....
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