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Okay. I don't usually post links or requests here, but I'm going to break from style here for a moment.

So my good friend the talented writer [ profile] metaphysick has been working on an RPG book - a new setting for Pathfinder - for a while now, and they're getting close to ready to publish. And they've just recently launched the Kickstarter for the project in question.

So y'all should go take a look at it, and maybe back it, and maybe spread the word. It's good stuff, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Check it out!
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There are many good movie/television and food pairings.

AMC's "The Walking Dead" and poached eggs with salsa are not one of them.

Also, for my intelligent and nerdy friends (which I am pretty certain is everyone reading this), the Oxford English Dictionary is attempting to save old and unused words by returning them to common usage - and to this extent, they are inviting people to adopt individual words and use them as often as possible. Take a peek, and pick one, please - mine is "cloakatively." It means "superficially."

It may seem, cloakatively, like this is a silly and pointless thing to do, but.... well, okay, maybe it is. But I am kind of looking forward to long conversations in the comments here with people using words like colaphize and panchymagogue.

(Also also, because I am home sick and have very little else to entertain me, check out the new icon! I love my husband, he makes me cute stuff....)
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No real context here, just something that a friend pointed out to me, that I need more than anything right now and need to share....

(And many thanks to [ profile] divalion for sharing it!)
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I've never been one for just posting links in here, but this was far too much fun - if nothing else, I want a reminder to myself.

So yesterday afternoon I was glancing through my boyfriend's roommate's copy of Dragon Magazine, and I came across this url...

And fell in love with it. It's perfect for geeks like me who have always wanted pictures of this character or that, but can't draw anything beyond stick figures. And if you're bored, or searching for character concepts, the 'all random' option is just far too amusing....


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