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In other news, I am never again allowed to lament having a lack of plans.

Somehow I have wound up with my weekend rather alarmingly filled - specifically, with concerts. It seems that I am going to go see Rockapella after work on Friday, Dar Williams (and bonus dinner with friends) on Saturday, and, in a surprising, last-minute awesome feat of friendship from [ profile] darkoni42, Pentatonix on Sunday.

This is going to be amazing beyond reason. I will come out of the weekend exhausted and elated and possibly half-deaf, but I will love every minute of it.

I have some pretty darn cool friends, and my life is good.
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Ever since I first heard Eddie From Ohio, I've been rather fond of them. That's why it was so frustrating and upsetting that my only experience seeing them in concert was so utterly and unmitigatedly terrible that it left me hating them and their music, to the point where listening to it would leave me in, if not a towering rage, at least a truly lousy mood.

But my wiser and more calm husband convinced me not to throw away their CD's, and over time I kind of... forgot about them, I guess, for over a year. Until, a couple of weeks ago, when I borrowed my husband's car and, when it started, one of their CDs started playing. And my first thought was, 'hmm, I really like that song.'

Alas, my second thought was still 'too bad I hate the band.' But tonight, on my way to rehearsal, I was in dire need of a radical mood reboot and voice warmup. And the CD was still in the car. And if there's one thing they're good for, it's good-mood, sing-along music.

And damn if it didn't work.

I never was very good at holding grudges anyway. And it feels good to be able to enjoy their stuff again....


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