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I helped make a wedding yesterday. And it was amazing.

A while ago - I can't remember exactly when; sometime in the late spring or so - a dear friend did me the honor of asking me to be an attendant at her wedding. I love both her and her fiance, and I love weddings, and I was glad beyond words to be asked to share in this event, so of course I said yes.

A little while later - somewhere around July - she and her fiance asked me to help pitch in with the wedding planning. I have a small handful of obscure but occasionally useful superpowers, and one of them is Getting Stuff Done. Also, being married, I've ridden this rodeo before. And I know that the process of planning a wedding can be a big, frazzling, intimidating mess. And I like being helpful.

So I've spent a chunk of the last few months pitching in where I can. Calling photographers and videographers, coordinating with the DJ and the venue and with the wedding party and the hairdresser, talking through timelines and helping make lists, and most of all reminding two people that I care about very much that this whole thing was ultimately supposed to be a positive experience, and that the most important part wasn't the table linens or the positioning of the favors, but their love for each other and their community's love for them.

And yesterday this all came together in one big colorful vibrant creative sparkly fairy tale full of masks and flowers and dancing and family and love, and I am so incredibly happy and proud and grateful to have been part of making it happen.

Weddings are wonderful. Love is wonderful. My friends are amazing.
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I love the clinic I'm working at this week. It's local-ish, the doctor who runs it is one of the best and most skilled I've ever worked for or with, and the atmosphere is just overwhelmingly positive. And, most of all, the clients are almost all surprisingly friendly, cheerful, nice people.

I've known this since I started helping out here years ago, but earlier this week one particular case stood out above and beyond anything I've seen before.

I was wearing my favorite earrings to work - a pair of small dangles with silver rose-shaped beads and purple crystals, that a friend had gotten for me at a craft fair years ago. And a client came in - chatty, friendly, clearly looking like the sort of person I'd be friends with under other circumstances - wearing a necklace that looked almost identical. Same beads, same crystals, similar pattern.

When her appointment was over, and we were chatting, I noticed her necklace and pointed out that we apparently had matching jewelry and taste. I didn't mean anything much by it, other than amusement, and curiosity as to whether she'd gotten it at the same place.

She looked at my earrings, then promptly unclasped her necklace and asked me if I wanted it. I was utterly flabbergasted, and I tried to say no - that I wasn't asking for it, that it hadn't even crossed my mind, but she insisted. She said that it matched better, that this way they'd be a set, and that she had a ton more jewelry at home.... I tried not to take it, but she laughed and wouldn't take no.

So now I have a beautiful matched necklace-and-earrings set, and a reminder that, while people are generally good, some are truly standouts.....
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Holy cow, you guys, it's actually sunny out there for what feels like the first time in about a hundred years. Or at least a week.....

I had a PT appointment at ridiculously-early-o'clock, and since the office is less than a mile from my house (and it wasn't pouring or freezing), I decided to walk there. And I meant to enjoy the people and the flowers, but to be completely honest I think I spent the whole time just gawking up at the clear blue sky and the sun pouring through.

If I weren't headed out for the weekend, I'd be on my motorcycle this very minute. On the other hand, at least my plans include at least some opportunity to enjoy the weather while it lasts....
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A little while ago I posted about an idea I had to help make the world a little bit better, and to help me feel a little less helpless in the face of the challenges that exist in the world today. I promised to donate my income for one day to charity, and I invited my friends to join me in this.

And now it's just about here. Tomorrow is Work for Charity Day. Luckily, it's also one of the last few days I have scheduled to work before I'm completely out on disability.

So. I pledge that tomorrow I will donate 100% of my income to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. It'll make working that much easier, and that much more meaningful, to know that my actions will have a purpose above and beyond the usual purpose of my job. It's not much, but it's something.

A few people have already donated to charities, and to those of you who have, thank you. And if you've been considering participating, or have promised to, thank you as well - and consider this your reminder. :)

If you're participating, please let me know. You don't need to tell me how much you're donating, but if you're willing, I'd love to know where you're donating to.

I am so glad to know that my friends are willing to join me in helping the world. I am lucky to have you guys in my life....
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So a little while ago I announced that my annual apple picking outing would be today. And as today crept closer and closer, I watched the weather predictions with concern progressing to trepidation progressing to resignation. Every forecast that I checked told me that the day would be cold, grey, and rainy, and that the best that I could hope for would be to catch the sky in a period of drizzle between actual showers.

But weekends and free time are in short supply, so I figured I'd just live with it. A couple of friends cancelled on the grounds that they didn't want to be caught out in the cold and wet, but most of the people who promised to come agreed to brave the weather. I packed a jacket and an extra pair of socks and shoes for after I finished wading through the wet orchard, other folks grabbed raincoats and umbrellas, and we headed out.

True enough, as we drove towards the orchard the skies progressed from clouds to drizzle to solid rain. Until we made it to about ten minutes from the orchard, at which point the skies cleared and the sun came out. By the time we reached Berlin Orchards, it was clear, warm, sunny, and gorgeous.

It turned out to be one of the best apple picking days I can remember. The weather was amazing, the trees were heavy with apples, the company was wonderful, and everything just went wonderfully. And then we went out for lunch, and came home to bake.

For the record, Cooks Country's apple fritter recipe is quite possibly the best thing I've ever made. I'm a novice at deep-frying (okay, medium-depth frying, but it was still a bit scary), but these were edible perfection.

Good friends. Good weather. Good day.
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Two months of searching, and no luck. 48 hours after lamenting and whining on social media, and your hopes and wishes and support apparently changed the tides of fate. Friday afternoon a shelter we hadn't previously encountered responded to our (unhopeful) phone call with the answer that yes, they had an entire litter of kittens looking for homes, and would we like to set up a meeting at 11am on Saturday?

So, in between morning errands and afternoon tickets for 'Book of Mormon' (which is the best show I've seen in years, but that's another story), we hurried down to the adoption center, and came home with two new family members.

Kitten pics hidden back here, for those who don't want to share in the adorableness.... )

They're brother and sister, about 10 weeks old. They haven't quite been named yet, though front-runners for names are either John Carter and Dejathoris or Harrison and Harlequin (and bonus geek points to anyone who can name all the sources). We're open to suggestions, though, if you have any ideas for awesomely cool geeky name pairs (while I love Kay and Gerda, I have decided that's just TOO obscure).

Elder Statescat is in a huff and a tizzy and a sulk all at once; he hissed and moaned at the babies for about five minutes before snorting a bunch of catnip and running upstairs to pout. So the babies are living in Moxie's old room for now, with supervised runaround time downstairs - I figure it'll take a few weeks for things to smooth over.

It feels so good to have more than one cat in the house again...

....okay, one more picture. )
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Intercon happened. It was good. There were games that I played in, that were awesome, and a game that I ran that went well, and time with people I don't see near often enough, and costumes, and hugging, and all that stuff that makes me happy.

'Sith Lords' was wonderful, as I expected; I was cast with a few people I don't get to roleplay with very often, which can be a huge source of fun when things go well. It was my first attempt in a long time at coordinating costuming, plus I love being a doll for other people to practice makeup on. Between that and the fact that the role let me play around with fascinating and eccentric body language and mannerisms, and the complex and angsty romantic triangle written into my story, it was everything I wanted.

'The Ballad of Jess-Belle' was similarly dramatic and angsty, if with less makeup and lower heels for my costume. I got to roleplay with some of my favorite people, and managed to win a tall-tale-telling competition with a story I made up on the spot, which surprised the heck out of me.

'Desperadoes Under the Eaves,' which I ran with [ profile] ursangnome and [ profile] jadasc went well, as far as I can tell. Our players were marvelous and bizarre and confusing and wonderful, and as far as I can tell most of them had a good time.

And there were people I don't get to see enough, and time spent curled up on the sofa chatting and catching up, and introducing friends to each other, and meeting new people, and reminiscing over old games and planning new ones, and I can't remember the last time I had this much fun at a con.

Being around people is good, and, to be completely honest, being around people who tell me they like me is a much-needed boost to my self-esteem when things are rough. Right now I am exhausted and headachy, but feeling loved, fulfilled, entertained, and all-in-all good.

Thank you so much to everyone who was part of my con, for making it so wonderful....
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On the brighter side....

So back about 3-4 months ago I found out about this awesome thing called World Book Night, and I applied to be part of it. I didn't figure it'd actually come to anything, but applying was free, and easy enough. And then I just kind of let it go from my mind.

Yesterday I got an email telling me that I've been chosen, and that I'm going to be an official Book Giver.

So I get to spend the evening of April 23 hanging out at Faneuil Hall and the associated environs, giving out free books to people in hopes that they'll love them as much as I do. I cannot express how excellent this is, or how excited I am to be part of this! And part of me knows that it's a bit silly to get so worked up over, essentially, standing around handing out stuff, but... books! And sharing! And... this is just going to be so incredibly cool.

Later this week I get to find out what book I'm giving out (I had to pick three from their list that I liked; they'll then pick one for me to give), and start finagling more details. For now, though, I'll just jive here with my happydance of books and being chosen....
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So I'm having a lousy night - one of those nights where I hate myself and everyone else and I just can't shake my blue mood, in spite of the best efforts of my husband, wacky movies, and the rest of the world. And I'm just sitting here and moping and clicking around links on the internet in a lackluster, I-don't-really-care kind of way.

And I found a link to something called World Book Night.

And suddenly.... not such a lousy night anymore.

Seriously, how have I never heard of this before, and how is it that all of my friends are not all over this like the awesome thing it is?

Because this is a charity that gives out free books to light readers, reluctant readers, and people who don't have access to books for social or financial reasons. That's it. You apply to be a book-hander-outer, and pick one of their books, and if you're accepted, you get to spend a day giving out books to people, to help convince them that reading is awesome. Apparently at no cost to yourself - the authors waive their royalties and the publishers pay to have special World Book Night editions printed up.

This is kind of the coolest thing I've heard of in a long, long time.

I am absolutely applying to be volunteer book giver, and I would love it if other folks did too - either locally (let's team up!) or around the world (and then we can share awesome stories about cool people we meet and convince to read amazing books!).

Information on the charity itself, and how to either support it or take part in it, is here.

I am so glad to live in a world where this exists.....
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-Catherynne Valente's novel, 'The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making' - everything about this book is marvelous, in every way, shape, and form. I love the story, I love the prose style, I love the heroine and the side characters and the word choice. I love the cover art. I love the fact that it would have been just as wonderful when I was eight years old as it is now, and I love reading it in winter when it is dark and cold and I can escape into the story. The only thing keeping me from running out and buying the sequel is the fact that, once I read that, there will be no more stories in the series waiting for me for an unknown period of time, and I want to parcel it out and make it last.

-Journeyman Restaurant now offers non-alcoholic beverage pairings along with their menu. This was a fun and interesting restaurant to begin with, if a bit odd and experimental, and now it has skyrocketed to one of my favorites, based mostly on this one trait. In a world where, increasingly, restaurants are expected to plan and provide for people with restricted diets (by choice or by need), I have been rather frustrated by the lack of places that provide for those of us who don't drink alcohol; not only do they do this, but they approach it with a ridiculous level of enthusiasm and creativity. My dinner tonight included, on the beverage side, a cocktail made of cold apple tea, cinnamon-spiced goat milk, and cayenne bitters; hot mulled apple tea; a soda of saffron, fennel, and lemon juice; green tea muddled with juniper; and a sipping cocoa made from wild Bolivian chocolate with mole bitters. I cannot say enough good things about this.

There is apparently an organization out there - Scholarship Experts - that offer college scholarships for students who, among other things, write the best zombie apocalypse plan. This makes my world a better place, and I only lament the fact that they did not exist when I was going to college.

Also, I am still in love with my spinning wheel, we have an epic new tv that will make hosting movie nights much more feasible, and I am starting to plan my holiday cookie list. Thanksgiving is over, but I still have a heck of a lot to be thankful for....
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In other news, I am never again allowed to lament having a lack of plans.

Somehow I have wound up with my weekend rather alarmingly filled - specifically, with concerts. It seems that I am going to go see Rockapella after work on Friday, Dar Williams (and bonus dinner with friends) on Saturday, and, in a surprising, last-minute awesome feat of friendship from [ profile] darkoni42, Pentatonix on Sunday.

This is going to be amazing beyond reason. I will come out of the weekend exhausted and elated and possibly half-deaf, but I will love every minute of it.

I have some pretty darn cool friends, and my life is good.

At Peace

Sep. 3rd, 2012 12:03 am
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Today was just what my little, socialization-deprived, already-pining-for-the-summer soul needed.

It's Second Saturday today, since we have a long weekend, and I got to sleep as late as I wanted to. (Which, because I'm obnoxiously morning-oriented was around 9am, but still, that's a luxury for me.) Then [ profile] umbran went out to get bagels and made breakfast while I went into the yard to revel in sunshine and pick garden veggies - 2 eggplant, half a dozen or so tomatoes, another half-dozen cucumbers, and at least a pound of green beans and wax beans.

After breakfast (multi-seed bagels and eggs) I made cinnamon-swirl cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream, and managed to work out while the last batch were baking and cooling. My lung capacity still isn't back to 100%, but it's better enough that I can at least make it through a standard workout. Then I showered, dressed up in a pretty sundress, decided that it was okay to not bother making a cucumber salad to bring along as well, and set out for Labor Day parties.

We wound up at a couple of parties, and at both I was hugged and welcomed and told I had been missed. The cupcakes were enthusiastically devoured. I held a baby, I had my cards read, I played around with some pretty novelty yarn I picked up a few months ago and made myself a scarf. I sat in front of a fire and made smores and curled up with my head on my husband's shoulder and listened to conversations about binary star systems and folk festivals and troll hearts. And I was reminded that there are people in the world who will welcome me back, no matter how long I've been absent.

I know I'll forget this again, but I'm not going to let that frustrate me right now. I'm just going to hold onto it for as long as I can....


Apr. 29th, 2012 03:16 pm
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December 3, 2011 - I did my first day of Couch to 5K training. It involved jogging in one-minute intervals, with 90-second breaks in between. I managed it, just barely, and had a crazy stitch in my side by the time I got to the last (9th) interval, and had to walk through a few seconds of it. Total running time: 9 minutes. I felt like I had been beaten with sticks by the end of it.

In between, training was thrown off by gym closures, Norovirus, vacation, and my own nigh-compulsive level of both caution and fear of failure, which led me to go through the training program excruciatingly slowly, ramping up every two weeks instead of every week. I never actually believed at any point that I could make it through, and each time the intensity increased I faced the new challenge with at least some degree of certainty that I would fail, but I was stubborn enough to at least try.

Today? Week 7, Day 1 - I jogged for 25 minutes, no breaks. I know it's been more than seven weeks since December, but still. I can't believe I did this. I can still remember when increasing from 3 minute to 5 minute intervals felt like an insurmountable block. And today? I jogged for almost 25 minutes straight, my only obstacle being the boredom I felt from going around and around and around the same track over and over again. I admit my pace isn't going to set any records, but I did it.

The Run For Your Life is next weekend; I won't be done with the program (and its ultimate goal of 30 minutes running), but I can at least feel like I should be able to make it through - while the course is a full 5K, there are breaks to confront obstacles. And I've made it this far; I'll keep on until I've made it all the way through the 9-week course and can run for a half hour.

Me. Running. I think I spent more time and energy in high school coming up with excuses to not run in gym class than I did on any other one subject.

Huh. Who knew?
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Damn, you guys are good.... :)
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Good Things About Today:

1) It is a glorious, warm, sunshiney, beautiful day. I didn't have to put a jacket on when I went outside to go to work, and I am sitting here in the office neither hunched nor shivering.

2) Working in Davis Square means that I can sneak out to run errands on my lunch break, and actually enjoy some of this sunshine.

3) My irises are blooming, with the most amazingly beautiful deep dark purple, almost black flowers.

4) I get my workout buddy back tonight, after an almost-4-month hiatus.

5) The sore throat I woke up this morning seems to have vanished, rather than bringing other symptom friends to visit - with any luck, it'll turn out to have just been dry air from not running the humidifier last night.

6) Rereading "The Shadow Rising," I'm beginning to remember why I think this was my favorite of the Wheel of Time books. The characters are all past first level, the world is starting to be established, but things haven't quite gotten as unwieldy and out of control as they will later in the series. I have an escape to another world in my pocketbook.

7) Adorable healthy guinea pig patients are a wonderful way to break up a day full of sick animals and overtaxed coworkers.

And that's just today. And tomorrow is supposed to be warm and bright as well, and I will wear sandals and maybe a sundress and go for a long walk, and with any luck the hardest decision I will have to make is whether I want to get ice cream or iced chocolate. And then there will be the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance, and a few days after that there will be parties and friends.

It's amazing how much of a mood change a little bit of sunshine can bring about, for me....

Edited to add: And hey - surprise bonus farmer's market, when I went out to run my errands! Which means more flowers, and free samples of Taza chocolate, and a fresh oatmeal-coconut cookie to go with my lunch. Almost awesome enough to make up for my leaving my debit card in the ATM when I stopped at the bank, like an enormous bimbo. Oh, well - at least I noticed it about ten minutes after the fact. Not soon enough to get the card back, but soon enough to put a freeze on my account before anyone did anything with it. Win some, lose some....
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I realized recently that, while I talk a lot here about what's on my mind, as always, I don't talk so much about what's going on in my life. And that, when I do, I tend to focus more on the stresses, disasters, and catastrophes more than the bright spots and the highlights. So today, in an effort to remedy both of those shortcomings, I am going to talk about my tango class.

I love dance, in all forms, but some are more natural to me than others. There are dances that just come naturally to me, like contact improv, and flailing-around-a-club - while I can learn, and adopt other patterns, they just seem to suit my body and my personal style of movement. There are others that are just intrinsically hard for me, like Middle Eastern dance - they violate rules that I learned in other forms, or they ask my body to move in ways I'm not used to, but I find them fascinating enough that I push and persevere anyway. And there are the styles of dance that, when I start out, they seem impossible, but after a little while of frustrated pushing, they turn into my deep and adored favorites. This was the case with 16th Century Italian dance, and it's turning out to be the case with tango.

Tango is, in its movement style, very different from other forms of ballroom dance, which surprised me at first. I spent most of the first time through the class just learning how to balance my weight in towards my partner, instead of leaning back into the hold, and figuring out how to follow a lead that came from the torso and shoulders instead of arms and body. But it was enough fun that my friend and I decided to take the beginner class again, and the second time through is turning out to be purely amazing.

There's just a level of joy and delight that comes from finally starting to feel comfortable with the steps and the style, from being able to start the transition from thinking-about-steps to thinking-about-the-dance as a whole. There are the grins and excitement that you share when you realize that you maneuvered a new step properly, and the fun of trying to puzzle something new out on your own, even if it winds up with tangled feet and almost-toppling, and there's the sheer pleasure of movement, and feeling your body fit into the music and the rhythm.

Of course, it also helps that our teacher is apparently a slightly crazed Super Dance Hobbit, and that she sneaks us extra new steps on the side since we are now her Advanced Students, at least in comparison to the rest of the beginners. (Advanced enough that I seem to have become her demo model, even when she's teaching steps I haven't done before, but that's an entirely different source of amusement.) And it's always fun to have something to share with a friend, and to enjoy their excitement and happiness as much as my own.

Next week is our last class, and I'm not sure where to go from here. I don't want to just give up on tango entirely, but taking the beginner's class a third time would probably no longer be helpful. Our teacher runs an intermediate class, but it's on Mondays, and soon I'm going to be working until 7pm most Mondays. I'm looking forward to dipping my toes back into Middle Eastern dance once my Thursday nights are free again, but before too long I'm going to start having to look for a new alternate tango venue.....
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I'm torn, right now, between wanting to make a long, rambly post and wanting to make a short, good-things list post. Life continues to yoyo back and forth between really quite good, and really quite crummy. The trick I need to learn right now is how to focus on the good parts, and not let the bad ones color my perceptions of everything.

Why is it so easy to do the opposite of that, incidentally? Bad things in life are like food coloring - all it takes is one tiny drop, and then no matter how hard you try to dilute it out, everything is faintly tinged with lousiness, even if you never wanted it to get into those parts in the first place. And the same isn't true for good. It's like the osmotic gradient of the universe only flows from lousy to good, and not in the opposite direction.

But I will try to defy that, and pump goodness into my lousy, instead of the other way around. In so many situations, it's just a matter of turning the perspective around on the same situation.....

I have a work opportunity that's looking more and more potentially awesome every day. And even if that doesn't work out, I've been busy lately, both in total-days-worked and in actually seeing interesting cases while I'm at work. It's good to feel both wanted and useful. It's scary, too, and it means facing a change and making a decision that I don't want to... but there is serious potential for good here.

I'm slowly, arduously getting better from an extended bout of bronchitis. The hardest part of this has been falling (or being forced) off the workout wagon - after nearly a year of working out 4-6 days a week, I missed the better part of a month, and between both the lapse and my own diminished lung capacity, getting started again is annoying and humiliating. Workouts that I didn't bother with two months ago because they were too easy to be worth the time now leave me gasping and shaking, which makes me ashamed of how much condition I've lost and what horrible shape I'm in. The end result is a desperate desire to quit in order to avoid further shame and humiliation, even though intellectually I know the problem is more that my lungs haven't healed yet than anything else. But I am an organism composed primarily of carbon, hydrogen, and stubbornness, so quitting isn't one of the tools in my toolbox. And ever so slowly, I can feel myself getting back into the realm of good-muscle-ache, instead of bad-airway-burn.

And finally, food is starting to be my friend again. A serious case of the flu followed by a course of antibiotics left me eating mostly toast, rice, and scrambled eggs for a few weeks, and I've been timid as heck at getting back into normal cooking and eating. But it seems, cautiously, hopefully, that that phase is over. Which is a major goodness, because I have missed menu planning and dinner cooking.

So. Three potentially lousy situations, turned to good ones. Not a bad start for a day....

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....that in the middle of all this bleak chill and snow and ice and fatigue and frustration, there are things I love about winter.

I love the way that falling snow seems to bring a hush to the world.

I love the way the first sip of hot tea feels in the cold weather, painting a stripe of warmth and life as you swallow it.

I love the stark, austere beauty of the world after ice and snow, before traffic and muck mar it all - white ground, black fingers of tree limbs against a silver sky, everything edged in crystals and more white. Landscapes like that make me understand the appeal of diamonds, reminding me of the colors and light trapped in things that seem colorless.

I love being able to cook and bake without worrying about overheating the house, and I love winter food. Chili and soup and stew and lasagna, all the things that are too hot and heavy to eat in the summer.

I love curling up next to my husband at night, under a pile of quilts and afghans made for us by friends and loved ones, and falling asleep in the circle of his arms as he keeps me warm.

I love my huge, battered, grotesquely-oversized crocheted house sweater.

I love the way that the first 50-degree day will feel like a delightfully, short-sleeves-y warm gift, instead of the frigid harbinger of doom that it did in October.

I've had enough winter, and I'm more than ready for short sleeves and gardening and ice cream, but it's good to remind myself, when I'm feeling like this, that it isn't all bad.

How about you - anything redeemable about the season at your end?

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I know I haven't been posting a lot of deep, serious content recently. But.... well, mostly what I need are reminders that there are good things in this world. And in the interests of that, and sharing positivity and fun and joy, well.... here.

My Valentinr - ladysprite
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Also, in my list of good things for today is rediscovering this song. I purely love it, for no reason that I can think of, and I haven't listened to it in probably close to 20 years....
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...on a cold Monday when everything seems to be going wrong:

Five Good Things About Today

1) Silk long johns. Without them I would be a numb, shivering wreck; with them I am able to function at work.

2) I have a picture that a friend drew for me, just because. It is beautiful and awesome and mine, and it has a chimpanzee smoking a pipe.

3) After missing it for over a year, I have plans to finally get back to SCA dance practice. Not this week, true, but soon, goodness willing.

4) Being able to diffuse an angry client with quiet and reasonable discussion, so that by the time she left she was smiling and laughing.

5) Tonight I will curl up under a blanket, watch Babylon 5 reruns with my beloved, and work on a cross-stitch project that has finally gotten interesting again. And there are black-and-white cookies for dessert.


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