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...and in an effort to fend off yet another horrible mood brought on by too many nightmares and family conflicts.

A little while ago I mentioned trying desperately to make a dress on my own, and a few folks asked to see pictures of it when it was done. I finished it last week, and actually managed to wear it to an SCA event.

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All righty, then.

I just came back from the SCA event that also hosted the Kings & Queens Arts And Sciences Championship. And now that it's over, I can talk about the project that I entered.

Okay, technically I entered three projects, but that's only because when I went to register two weeks ago I found out that it was a triathlon - so I had to come up with two emergency last-minute entries, in order to get the one I really cared about onto the schedule.

I've been a student of medieval and renaissance dance for many years now, and was finally moved to create a dance in a period style. Admittedly, I was moved by a discussion with my husband, while driving to an SCA event on Halloween and listening to what I felt was appropriate mood music. The conversation went something like....

Him: Honey? 'Thriller' isn't period....
Me: I meant appropriate for Halloween, not Crown Tournament.
Him: Ah.
Me: Though... when you think about it, it really is just a mimed branle.

For those not heinous dance nerds, a mimed branle is a style of dance common in France in the 16th century. Men and women form a line, or a circle, and dance back and forth, pretending to be something else. Like peas. Or hermits, or horses, or Turkish soldiers.

Or.... zombies.

And once the idea got into my head, it just wouldn't leave again. So I had to work it out, and, because the universe likes to encourage and support my bad behavior, by the time I had figured out choreography and documentation, I had half a dozen dancers and a handful of musicians volunteering to help.

It was performed this afternoon, and received rather well, or so it seems. So, for anyone interested, the details are here -

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