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Just a reminder to everyone - today is Work for Charity Day!

For everyone who's agreed to participate, and/or signed up, don't forget to donate - and thank you again; we'll all be donating our time to making the world a little bit better....
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Hey, y'all - Work For Charity Day is one week away now. Next Monday I will be donating my income for the day to charity.

So far, over 20 people have signed up to join me - with just a few more people, we can reach the equivalent of a month of time donated to charities. If you've been planning to sign up but haven't yet, or if you haven't made up your mind, please join. If you can't afford to donate income, you can participate by donating time. And if you can't do that, at least spread the word.

We can make the world a better place, a little bit at a time.
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Okay - I'm pretty sure y'all are tired of hearing me sing this same song, but.... time marches forward, and November gets closer, and this still matters to me.

On Monday, November 3, I will be donating my full day's income to charity. It would mean a lot to me if folks joined me. You don't have to donate money; if you're not working or if funds are tight, donate your time. You don't have to donate to the charity of MY choice; pick one that's meaningful to you.

There's a lot of badness in the world. Let's bring some goodness to balance it. Right now we've got 22 people signed up, and... that's a good start, but I KNOW there are more people in my life who care, and more who can make a difference.

Please. Go to the webpage. Sign up at 'Join the Project.' Spread the word. I still haven't given up on my dream of getting enough people to donate a full year, but this time around I'll settle for a month. Help me hit that goal - 30 people. Help me pass it and I'll love you forever.
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Okay - I know I keep beating this dead horse, but... well, I still think it's a good idea, and I still want to make it happen, in as big a way as possible. So...

There's this ice bucket challenge thing going around the internet. And okay - dumping ice on your head is awesome, I'm sure. Raising awareness for charity is awesome; absolutely. Want a way that you can raise awareness and money for your favorite charity *without* potentially suffering hypothermia and traumatic brain injury?

Join Work For Charity Day! Donate one day's income to ALS research, or the people of Ferguson, or the American Cancer Society, or any charity you feel worthy. Tell your friends, and you'll raise awareness as well as money.

No ice bucket required - but here's a promise; if I get a hundred people signed up this year I'll dump the damn ice on my head. Video proof and all. Two hundred and I'll do it in a damn bikini. - sign up link is at the top of the page, under 'Join the Project!' We're at 20 members and counting....
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Okay. I've been a devoted LJ member for years now - a decade, I think. I love it here, and I've done my best to avoid drifting to other social media. But there are challenges. In particular, while people say they're still here and paying attention, it sure as heck doesn't seem like it.

I'm told that LJ has more content, that the connections and communication here are deeper, that people are still reading and that it matters. But...

I've posted about Work For Charity Day here twice so far, and I've gotten a grand total of one person signing up. I posted on Facebook, and already got over a dozen. Which, given that I've got three times as many theoretical readers here, is pretty shameful.

I don't want to drift to Facebook. And I don't want to pit one social media against another. But for the sake of charity, I'm willing to be shameless, and drive competition, and generally issue meaningless challenges.

So. If you're here, and you're reading, and you're a loyal livejournaler and really want to prove to me that this is still a medium that matters? Go to the Work For Charity Day website and sign up. Pledge to donate one day's income to the charity of your choice - or if you can't donate money, donate time. And if you can't do that, spread the word.

There's an official way to register, this year - at the top of the page, there's a tab for 'Join the Project.' When you do, put down that you're there via LJ.

We'll see if people here can match other social media for attention, and contributing....


Jun. 25th, 2014 02:18 pm
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Time passes, and it's summer already, and as much as I don't want to, I'm already starting to think of fall. In particular, I'm starting to plan for Work for Charity Day.

Last year we had over a dozen people participate, and that was amazing, but I want this year to be even bigger and better. I know my friends are good, and I know we can make the world a better place - I just need y'all to help me.

We've already got almost a dozen people signed up. Please, if you haven't already, check out the web page and sign up - there's a 'join the project' tab on the web site; my hope this year is to keep closer track of how many people are donating, and where.

If you can't donate money, donate time. And if you can't donate time, at least share the link - the more people who hear about this, the more of a difference we can make....

Thank you.....
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I've talked here before about Work for Charity Day - it's an idea that I came up with last year, and that several of y'all here decided to join me in. Essentially, it's an event where I (and as many people as I can convince to join me) donate one day's income to charity. Any charity.

I'm doing it again this year, and I want to make it bigger and more successful than ever. And, for that, I've put together a web page for the event. Special thanks to [ profile] siderea for advice, and to [ profile] tpau for actually spending most of last night building the page with me....

Go. Check it out. Sign up to participate. Spread the word to your friends and coworkers and anyone you think might be interested. Give me feedback on how to make it better, if there's anything you can think of that I've left off.

I have such hopes for this....

Help Me!

Apr. 25th, 2014 11:07 am
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Okay. So last year I came up with what I thought was a pretty nifty idea - a kind of charity holiday. I called it Work For Charity Day, I set it in November, I promised to donate my income for one day to charity, and I asked anyone who could to join me, donate if they could, and spread the word.

And it went pretty well. Over a dozen people joined in, so that between us we donated the equivalent of more than two weeks' work to the charities of our choice.

And that's not bad. It's a good start.... but it could be better. I want to do this again, I want to make it a yearly thing, and I want to make it bigger. My ultimate goal, at least for now, is to get a full year's worth of charity work donated - and that means getting 364 people to pledge to join me this November.

So one of the things I'll need, to make this happen, is a website. I can only go so far promoting it here on LJ and Facebook; I need a place to point people, to collect information, and to explain to those who aren't my close personal friends what we're doing and why.

I have some ideas of what I want, and it's honestly pretty simple; mostly just a welcome page, FAQ, list of links and resources, and a place where people can sign up. I'll need to collect email addresses, but just to send reminders and thanks. In a perfect world, I'd like to have a display like on the 3 Day's donors page, where it can show people's names (or whatever pseudonym they choose to use) and, if they want, the charity they choose to donate to, but that's about it - we have a Facebook page for conversation, so I don't need it to have a message board feature.

Unfortunately, I know bless-all about designing web pages. I'm willing to learn, but I need help to start. So I need a place to put this, and someone to help me make this happen.

Anyone? I will gladly pay you back with gratitude, acknowledgement on said page, and the baked goods of your choice....
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A little while ago I posted about an idea I had to help make the world a little bit better, and to help me feel a little less helpless in the face of the challenges that exist in the world today. I promised to donate my income for one day to charity, and I invited my friends to join me in this.

And now it's just about here. Tomorrow is Work for Charity Day. Luckily, it's also one of the last few days I have scheduled to work before I'm completely out on disability.

So. I pledge that tomorrow I will donate 100% of my income to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. It'll make working that much easier, and that much more meaningful, to know that my actions will have a purpose above and beyond the usual purpose of my job. It's not much, but it's something.

A few people have already donated to charities, and to those of you who have, thank you. And if you've been considering participating, or have promised to, thank you as well - and consider this your reminder. :)

If you're participating, please let me know. You don't need to tell me how much you're donating, but if you're willing, I'd love to know where you're donating to.

I am so glad to know that my friends are willing to join me in helping the world. I am lucky to have you guys in my life....


Aug. 15th, 2013 01:22 pm
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So a little while ago I mentioned that I had come up with an idea - a Work for Charity Day. Details are here, for those who haven't seen them before, but the general idea is this:

Things are kind of scary and rough here (in the world in general and the US in particular) right now, and it bothers me that I can't do much to fix them. So on November 4th, I'm going to dedicate the day to charity, and I am going to donate my entire income for that day to a charity of my choice. I think it would be really incredible if other people would join me in doing this.

It's entirely voluntary - no one has to join. It's one day's work - if you're not working, you can donate 8 hours of your time. It's your choice of charity - I'm going to be donating to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas; if you decide to participate you can pick a charity that you find worthy.

But the more people that participate, the better. So if you do decide to join me, please let me know. And if you think this is a good idea, please spread the word. Tell your friends, link to this or the original post, share it any way you think makes sense. I've already got somewhere around a dozen people agreeing to play along, but I'm brave enough or arrogant enough or optimistic enough to think that this can be even bigger.

And thanks, y'all, for your help and good words. You make me believe we can make things better.
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Okay. First things first - this is going to get a little long; please bear with me and read all the way through. It's important to me, and it would mean a lot.

I've been kind of upset about the state of the world and my country lately. I love it here, I can't imagine living my life anywhere else, and I know there have always been problems and always will be, but right now it seems like there's a lot of rough stuff going on. And the hardest part for me is that there's not a lot I can do to actually fix those problems myself. I'm not good at being passive, and I hate being helpless, but I'm just one person.

I can vote - but I'm already in a blue state. I still do vote, and I help keep things here moving in the right direction, but that doesn't change things. And moving won't fix problems. And, as I told [ profile] umbran last night, just throwing money at a charity doesn't FEEL like doing enough. It feels dismissive, and passive, and what I really want is to be doing and acting and actually making things happen.

And [ profile] umbran pointed out that my time *IS* worth money, and suggested that I think about money donated in terms of hours worked. I make $X per hour; I can think of a donation I make as dedicating that much work-time to a charity.

So we came up with the idea of spending a day working for charity. Pick a day, and dedicate that day to charity, and donate my income for that day. And I love it - because it gives meaning and intent to my work that day, it lets me feel like I'm putting in effort and thought along with my money, and it's a reminder at the same time that my work has value.

And then I realized that I am one person - but I have good friends, and they have friends, and there are a whole lot more people out there. And if I think this is a good idea, maybe some of them will, too. And maybe, instead of just my day's-work, we could get a whole bunch of people to make a pledge to do the same thing.

So, bottom line:

I am declaring Monday, November 4th to be Work For Charity Day. I am going to donate my entire income earned that day to a charity of my choice. I think it would be amazing and wonderful and kinda world-changing if y'all would join me, and do the same.

It's one day's wages. I did the math; it's 0.4% of your income. It's tax-deductible, too, and making it one day's pay helps even it out across income levels - everyone's donation is equal, in the percentage of their income that it takes. If you're unemployed and still want to participate, donate a day's work to charity - volunteer for 8 hours.

What charity? That's up to you - pick something that you find meaningful and significant and in need of your help and support. That's the beauty of this - everyone participating is part of something bigger, but you still get to choose where your money goes. I've been exploring ideas; it looks like I'm most likely going to be donating to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas - goodness knows they need the help right now. But it's your money; send it where you think it'll do the most good. And at the same time, one donation to one charity at a time, I think this idea can ultimately make a difference - and bring my friends together in accomplishing something.

So, what do I want from you?
-Pledge to Work For Charity on Monday, November 4th. Promise that, on that one day, you will donate your income for that day to the charity of your choice.

-Spread the word. Please share this post, or point other people towards it. I really do believe that the more people who participate in it, the more awesome it will be.

-If you have a charity of your choice, comment here. People may choose to participate but not have a good idea of what charities are available.

If you do choose to participate, please comment and let me know. You don't have to tell me what charity you're pledging to support, but if you want to, it'd be really cool. Likewise, once this is done, you don't need to tell me how much money you donated, but if you choose to, it'd be great - I'd love to be able to say, at the end of this, 'Work For Charity Day raised $X,000 for these charities! See how mighty we all are!'

Please do this with me. Things are rough right now, here and in the rest of the world. It feels good to think that we could make a difference, even if it's a small one....


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