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So I finally got the reimbursement from my insurance company for my poor sad departed little car, and I've been able to back off meds enough to drive a little, so it's time for me to move forward on buying a new car.

And I've done my homework, and narrowed it down to a few candidates, and over the past weekend and few days I've done my test-drives and figured out that, while the Ford Focus is significantly cheaper (mostly due to a current, desperate, end-of-month please get this damn thing off our lot rebate deal), I just like the Honda Civic a lot better in every way.

So now I just need to figure out how to go about buying the darn thing, and getting a decent price. The only problem is that I've never had to do this before.

I haven't bought a car in about 12 years, and I've never bought a car that wasn't a Saturn (not counting the handful of beaters I bought under the table for about $500 apiece when I was in grad school, each of which lasted just long enough until I saved up for the next). And completely aside from being truly awesome cars, Saturn didn't haggle.

I've got a used Civic that I like, certified pre-owned, from a dealer. I've gone to Kelly Blue Book, and so I am at least armed with the fact that the dealer is asking about $2000 more than KBB says the car is worth. And, given the deals that Ford is offering, I've emailed a handful of other Honda dealers in the area for estimates and specials on new Civics, just in case I can start a.... what's the opposite of a bidding war? A discounting war?

Anyway. This is weird, and kind of uncomfortable, and new territory. If there's anything I should be doing that I'm not, let me know? I'd appreciate any advice. And at the end of it, whatever car I wind up with is going to have to forever live in the shadow of its older sister, which is an unfair place to be....


Jan. 22nd, 2014 03:45 pm
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I just got the call from my insurance company; my car has been officially declared totalled.

RIP Little Silver Saturn. October 2001 - January 2014. You lasted almost forever, you drove nearly 200,000 miles with me, and you gave your life to protect me. You were the first treat I bought myself after graduating from vet school, and the first car I bought that wasn't an ancient death trap.

I miss you.

Coincidentally, I now find myself in the market for a new car, having not actually paid any attention to cars for the past decade-plus. In a perfect world I'd just go on driving Saturns forever, but sadly that's not an option.

So, anyone out there who knows more about cars than I do (which is likely most of y'all), advise me. I'm not looking for brand-new; I know that's kind of a sucker deal. I want something small - not Smartcar small, but I don't need or want an SUV. Easy to take care of and good fuel efficiency are important; I'd like a hybrid if I can but I'm not sure how they fare in the used market. And affordable is a plus; I've been out of work for 4 months and I'm not going to be getting huge amounts of money back for my poor lost baby.

Advice? Suggestions? Spare vehicles you have lying around?


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