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.....why did no one tell me that BPAL had an entire line of Fraggle Rock scents?

This is epic. And a lot of money. But also epic. And I do not make impulse purchases often. And.... Fraggle Rock perfume.

I am a happy, if slightly poorer, girl.
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So I have a conundrum.

Next weekend I'm going to a friend's wedding. It's a fairly small event, with what sounds like a not-quite-typical reception; dinner at a "nice restaurant" (no, I have no idea what they mean by that. I'm white trash; my idea of a nice restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory, but I'm guessing it's something a bit more upscale.).

I have no idea what to wear. It's an evening wedding, which implies formal, but it's a smallish, not-so-formal event. Pleas for advice have been answered with "I dunno, whatever you'd wear to a nice restaurant," which, for me, is jeans or a broomstick skirt and a tank top. Which I somehow figure is not what they mean.

Most of my dresses are either black (which is a no-go zone for weddings), sundresses (not quite the right season), or... a bit on the sultry/evening-ish side. And while I love the latter, I'm not sure whether I'd be too over-the-top showing up at what turned out to be an informal wedding in a royal blue ruched sequined sheath dress, or a leopard-print bombshell mini-dress.

So.... to those wiser and more levelheaded than me, what does one wear to this sort of event? Bite the bullet and take the risk of egregious offense wearing black? Look like a potential hussy in sequins? Embroidered jeans and a really pretty lace t-shirt?

Or... you know.... take it as an excuse to binge-shop at the Betsey Johnson going-out-of-business sale?


Aug. 21st, 2011 03:03 pm
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Just in case y'all might be as dorky as I am, I thought you might want to know...

Bath And Bodyworks has a new line of Halloween products out. I know that it's not even September yet, and that this is a mini-atrocity, but it also means that they have some awesome scents and things. Candy Apple and pumpkin and cider and sour candy and a whole bunch of other stuff that looks like fun, and the labels are glittery-keen...

This also means, though, that they have stuff like pocket hand sanitizers labeled Vampire Blood and Zombie Tonic. For about a dollar.

Marshmallow scented Zombie Tonic hand sanitizer.

I didn't mean to buy it, honest - I just went in there because all of their summer-themed coconut stuff is on deep discount right now. But how can you turn down something as awesome as that?


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